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tv   Good Morning Washington 600  ABC  December 12, 2011 6:00am-7:00am EST

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i will call its co cold. a few scenes. mostly in the '20s. 17 in aldie. 21 in waldorf. 23 in northwest d.c. in rockville, 26. 17 in berkeley springs, west virginia. that is a cold start to the day. tomorrow morning will be very similar. mid 40's this afternoon near average for the high temperature. a few scattered clouds moving or via. in the twenties tonight, near 30 downtown. mostly sunny tomorrow near 50. temperatures will climb a little day-by-day through thursday. thursday will be well into the fifties. an accident is gone according to maryland state police. andrews air force base, outer loop lanes are open now.
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northbound 395, there was an accident at the beginning of the 14th street bridge. that is gone as well. off to a good start. we will have more with newschopper 7 when we return. back to you. >> thank you. 6:01. the search for gunman in northeast washington. the man is in a hospital after someone shot him along 15th street and w last night. investigators have not release any information about the suspect, but as a robbery may have been a motive. the flags flying at half staff all across the commonwealth today as virginia tech and the law-enforcement community remember the fallen officer. greg deriek crouse will be laid to rest this afternoon during a memorial in blacksburg. the light -- he died in a line of duty when a gunman walked up
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to him and shot him. >> investigators are still looking for a motive in this case as they expect another emotional day at virginia tech. thousands are expected to gather for a final farewell for the campus police doctors are killed in a line of duty. people are taking their final exams there today and are taking steps to say goodbye. it is expected to be an emotional day at virginia tech today as thousands gathered to say a final farewell to the campus police officer killed in the line of duty. \ >> if i could say there was any person, soldier, police officer, that was a good person who would help somebody in need, it was him. >> 39-year-old officer deriek crouse was conducting a routine traffic stop when 22-year-old ross ashley, a student, walked up and shot him and then turned the gun on himself. >> andi cannot understand shooting a police officer for no
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reason. >> officer of cross was also a veteran, a husband, and a father of five. they gathered to remember him last night. -- officer deriek crouse. so many questions about why this happened. >> the only thing that would bring closure is the know why. >> the funeral will be broadcast on the web from the va home page -- from the virginia tech on page. a student group has raised more than 50 per thousand dollars for the family of the slain officer. brianne carter, abc 7 news. >> we will have complete coverage of the funeral from blacksburg tonight at 5:00. we did the group has raised $50,000 for the family.
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oscar ortega-hernandez is charged with trying to assassinate president obama. prosecutors are expected to ask for more psychological evaluations. montgomery county lawmakers will introduce a bill today aimed at deterring the flash mob thefts. it could mean larger fines as well as more jailed time. president obama will welcome the iraqi prime minister to the white house today, 19 days before u.s. troops completely withdraw from iraq. the two are expected to discuss the future of security, commerce, and education. they will also lay a wreath at arlington national cemetery in order to mark the end of the nine-your warn. president's republican rivals battled on the weekend in a debate that was watched by millions. >> this did nothing to muffle
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the mojop of the new gingrich campaign but left mitt romney with some explaining to do. the tahman bradley has details. >> good morning. >> the mitt romney campaign is in overdrive. they are trying to explain a bet that mitt romney made. unable to land a knockout blow this weekend, mitt romney is scrambling to stop newt gingrich's rise. first he faces fallout from a wager made at saturday's debate. mitt romney called rick perry wrong and said he would put money on it. >> i read your first book. it said that your mandate in massachusetts should be the model for the country. >> you have raised that before, and you are still ron. -- wtillstill wrong.
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>> i'll bet you $10,000 rick. >> the tahman bradley reporting. >> we will have more coming up on that. the redskins lost yesterday but they did not play like a last-place team. rex grossman was on the verge of a fourth quarter comeback after a rare tom brady interception. >> then santana moss pass into the hands of the patriots' defense. the redskins fell in the end 34-27. >> overall i was pleased with the effort. obviously not pleased with not being able to finish irtt and
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do what you need to do to win. >> he called a penalty call on a linebacker horrible against lecher. they will face the giants next. >> their record is not pretty. 29 degrees 6:07. >> another bombshell in the penn state sex abuse scandal. one witness may be changing his story. >> alec baldwin's apology to himself. he poked fun at its airline during a guest spot on saturday night live. >> christmas lights are on at the mormon temple. the forecast might not
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i am the executive director of food and friends with the dedicated staff and volunteers preparing the christmas meals for 2800 clients battling life challenging illnesses. happy holidays from our kitchen to yours. >> good morning, washington. good monday morning to you. cold outside right now. widespread 20s and a few scenes. -- teens. a few clouds to the south are slowly moving north. mostly sunny today. partly cloudy. nothing to worry about except on
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thursday. there's the chance of rain on thursday that you have to prepare for. temperatures will be on the upswing by then. there are rain showers in georgia, florida and off the coast line, but that will stay out of our region. let's look at the morning numbers. rather cold. in the '20s for the most part. 46 for the high temperature this afternoon, in the twenties tonight. mostly sunny tomorrow, near 50 degrees. on thursday, the next chance of showers, well into the fifties. 30 degrees in the district right now, 19 in martinsburg, 18 in frederick. 27 in lexington park. northbound 95, accident near the quantico marine base. we will have that very soon. 66 moving well out of a market to get through manassas. no problems to report at gilbert's corner.
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looks good on route 7 the leesburg, sterling, dranesville, and tysons. out of manassas, looks good. normal volume on 395. there's a crash at the 14th street bridge that's now gone. back to you. >> thank you. drivers in northern virginia will now know exactly how long they will be sitting in traffic. vdot today will turn on new electronic signs along 95 northbound and southbound to show estimated travel times between fredericksburg and washington. 6:12, 29 degrees. >> ever of start to -- it was a rough start to the weekend box office. >> the heaviest week for the holiday season has just begun for online retailers. the story is coming up. >> first, key witness changing
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a key witness in the penn state sex abuse scandal may be changing the store. mike mcqueary told a grand jury that he saw jerry sandusky sexually assaulting a young boy in a locker room shower or in 2002. if published reports say that he told a family friend he did not see the assault spurs stand. jerry sandusky is scheduled to be in court tomorrow for a preliminary. charges are pending against a man who sparked a standoff with d.c. police. >> this happened yesterday in northwest d.c. when officers tried to pull over a vehicle. the driver would not stop. after a short chase his car and a police cruiser collided near the man's struggle with an officer who tried to arrest him then he ran into a house and
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refused to come out. a swat team evacuated several women and children from home for the suspect finally surrendered. black friday has come and gone. now today it's all about going green. >> green monday is one of the biggest spending days of the year as retailers try to meet shipping deadlines. also makes it one of the biggest days for anyone trying to deliver gifts. ben eisler is at a fedex facility in herndon. >> it is busy on this green monday. that's the second monday of december every year. one of the biggest shopping days and the start of the heaviest week of the season for online retailers. u.s. on-line retail sales of 50% this holiday season, $24.6 billion. fedex and their employees will
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have to pull off a christmas miracle to deliver all these packages on time. that will include 290,000 people. 90,000 trucks, 68,000 airplanes to deliver more than 260 million shipments between thanksgiving and christmas this year. fedex expects a record-setting 17 million shipments. that is 10% greater than last year's busiest day and twice what the company moves on average. for a average. -- on average for a busy day. >> ben eisler reporting. making news in america's money, we are watching markets and not the movies. >> top america's money markets were up last friday after the agreement for deeper economic integration in europe, but many
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problems remain and it may be a matter of time before investors realize that. today should be a busy day for on-line merchants. this is pretty much the last week you can use the free shipping offers fans still get delivery by christmas. after friday you will need to pay for faster service. the artificial christmas tree industry says the cost of appellate christmas tree is much cheaper. you can save 70% over 10 years rather than purchasing metlife christmas tree. it was the worst weekend of the year of the box office with only $77 million at the box office. new year's eve took first place with less than $14 million at the box office. for some people, freezing temperatures make it feel like the holiday season. for others is the lights. if the festiva the festival of lights at the
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mormon temple, the lights will be on at dusk he today through new year's. >> i love the festival of lights. >> and those are real trees. >> adam caskey is opposed to the real christmas trees. >> because they don't smell. it's cold enough to get you in the spirit of this season. here iit is. oakland, maryland, 13 degrees on this monday morning. inwood, west virginia, 15. 16 in hancock, 17 in leesburg. there are some teens on this monday morning, but also some twenties. 21 in winchester, 21 in gaithersburg, 24 in hagerstown, 30 degrees downtown in the district.
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the temperature will drop a little more today. yesterday morning was the coldest of the season so far. that's reagan national, 29. some clouds down to the south are slowly moving north. mostly pleasant today, partly cloudy. some rain clouds in georgia and south carolina and offshore. that will stay out of our region. we have a high pressure system that will protect us from active weather for the next several days. temperatures will increase day- by-day. it will get a little warmer through thursday. then temperatures will drop friday into the weekend. saturday it could be a rather cold day. here is the temperature chart for today. mid 40's for the high temperature, close to average. the average high is 48 at reagan national. light and variable wind. there's no wind chill factor. in the twenties tonight. a little warmer tomorrow afternoon near 50.
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there's a gradual warming trend. mid to upper 50's by thursday with increasing clouds and the chance of rain on thursday. nothing widespread. but there's a chance of a few rain showers. cold numbers early this morning. cui started this morning with clara barton parkway closed because of ice. that has been treated. everything is open, and parkway, towards washington parkway, suitland parkway no troubles. quantico virginia was our last report. disabled vehicle in shirlington. northbound 395 leaving edsall road near duke street and into shirlington, then it breaks loose. in maryland, 270 has normal volume southbound in germantown. back to you. >> thank you. 6:20, 29 degrees on this
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monday. >> coming up, public humiliation turned into laughter. alex baldwin takes its fight with american airlines to the national airways. >> psychic medium john edwards. >> our family has been through a tragedy. >> did you lose a child?
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♪ >> the first families celebrated christmas in washington last night with conan o'brien, justin bieber and jennifer hunt security annual concert's 30th anniversary and it's benefit the children's medical center. later today the first lady will be to patients during a tour at the hospital. alec baldwin issued another apology and for his fight with american airlines over the weekend. >> this time been sincere apology was to himself. >> mr. baldwin is an american treasure and i am ashamed at the way he was treated. >> whatwhat harm would it do to let him keep playing his game? >> try to make the best of a bad
6:25 am
situation, he appeared on saturday night live playing captain of the flight that he was kicked off. the reduced turn on his phone and acted brutally to the crew, according to american airlines -- acted grudely. still another half-hour ahead. >> two college teams pulling damage control after a brawl on the court. >> and other promotional day expected in blacksburg as friends, family, faculty, and students to pay a final farewell. that's coming up. >> very cold on this monday morning. adam caskey in the belfort furniture weather center. tracking temperatures. i will be back to talk about the cold temperatures and the forecast, coming up. a beautiful pictures
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live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> to see his picture and tv you feel so proud of him and everything that he's accomplished. >> paying tribute to a virginia tech 0. the community says goodbye to the officer gunned down in a line of duty. -- paying tribute to a virginia tech hero.
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good morning, it's monday, december 12. i am greta kreuz. >> i am cynne simpson. we will have a live report on green monday, coming up. >> but we start with traffic and weather every ten minutes. lisa baden in a moment, but we begin with adam caskey. bundle up this morning. >> we are in the '20s for the most part, but there are some teens. 25 in poolesville 18 in aldie virginia. 19 in bristow. 20 in bowie and colombia. northwest d.c. 23 degrees. for the most part, 20's. 17 in strasbourg virginia -- strasburg, virginia.
6:31 am
partly cloudy today expected. all the rainfall will stay out of our region. we may have rain showers by thursday. cold outside right now. mid 40's this afternoon. another cold night tonight. tomorrow will be a little warmer near 50. temperatures will move upward by thursday. that will be the warmest day with a few areas of rain possible. outer loop near andrews air force base there was an accident. looks good along the clara barton. there's been a crash southbound george washington parkway before sprouts run. newschopper 7 is flying over quantico marine base. northbound travel is very slow out of stafford. and the earlier accident is gone now. look at the pace. back to you. >> thank you. looking for the gunman in
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northeast d.c. a man is in the hospital after someone shot him along 15th street and w late last night. investigators have not released any information about the suspects of far, but they tell us that robbery may have been a motive. >> virginia tech and the law- enforcement community and remember a fallen friend. >> officer deriek crouse will be laid to rest this afternoon during a memorial in blacksburg. he died in the line of duty on thursday when a gunman walked up to his cruiser and sade anding. brianne-- and shockedt him. >> quarter and student ross ashle -- part-time student ross ashley shot him.
6:33 am
a number of leaders from across the state will be at the funeral today which will be broadcast on the virginia tech website. deriek crouse was conducting a routine traffic stop last week on campus when 22-year-old ross ashley walked up, shot and killed the officer and then turned the gun on himself. there are still questions about why all this happen. >> it really does not set in yet. to see his picture on tv, you feel so proud of everything he's accomplished. >> i cannot wrap my mind around this. i cannot understand the concept of what someone would want to walk up and shoot a police officer if for no apparent reason. >> many gathered last night for a viewing he was a husband veteran, and
6:34 am
father of five. hokies for crouse has raised more than $50,000 for the family. that is a student group. brianne carter reporting. >> we will have complete coverage of today's funeral live from blacksburg tonight at 5:00. a hearing on whether to grant more freedom to the man who tried to kill former president ronald reagan resumes today. john hinckley wants to spend more time away from the d.c. mental hospital. prosecutors could begin their case against that idea this week. , a man accused of firing at the white house last month will be in court today for preliminary hearing. 21-year-old oscar ortega- hernandez is charged with trying to kill the president. he has been declared competent to steer trial -- to stand trial. two montgomery county lawmakers will introduce a bill
6:35 am
today aimed at discouraging flash mobs. there have been situations in montgomery on two situations in recent months. they want to make the penalty and stiffer and fines larger. president obama will talk with the iraqi leader today in washington. they will also lay a wreath at arlington national cemetery to market end of the nine-year war. virginia national guard soldiers from across the state are returning home today from iraq. homecomings are planned in virginia beach and fredericksburg. the returning soldiers are part of 825 from all across va who were mobilized in june. president obama weighing in on the republican presidential
6:36 am
nomination. >> it does not really matter who the nominee is going to be. the core philosophy is that they are expressing our the same. >> he was telling cbs that if voters believe the republican agenda of lower taxes and weaker regulation, if they believe in that then he will lose. he says the gop method has not work in the past. the and it's the public is not satisfied with the direction of the country and that the economy needs work. he says one of his goals is to build a stronger middle-class. in case you've not heard the redskins lost again yesterday, but they did not play like a last-place team. rex grossman had the burgundy and gold on the verge of a fourth quarter comeback after a tom brady interception. santana moss the goal line pass into hands of the patriots' defense. despite a strong offensive
6:37 am
showing, the redskins fell, 34- 37 -- 34-27. 8 college basketball players are suspended after a brawl saturday night. a xavier player suffered a severe cuts under his eye. this prompted the referees to call xavier's win with a few seconds on the clock. four players from each team have been suspended. >> that is not pretty. 29 degrees on this monday. >> still ahead a daring escape. a virginia teenager broke free from al qaeda. >> an amazing story. >> and mitt romney does damage control after a presidential debate gaffe.
6:38 am
>> look in the streets at the mormon temple in kensington. we will have traffic and weather every ten mi
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welcome back. time for traffic and weather every 10 minutes 6:40.
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>> seems like it's one of those mornings to leave a few minutes to scrape the window shut. doug hill is with us. >> it is very cold. look at these temperatures on this monday morning. clear skies, freezing out there. if numbers in the '20s and a few teens to the northwest. sunrise shortly. 18 in frederick right now, 21 in gaithersburg 19 in manassas, 32 in annapolis, 27 in quantico. rain at the georgia and florida border area. we might have a few clouds across the southern suburbs of our area. temperatures, highs in the mid 40's today, fairly light wind. pretty good.
6:42 am
mostly clear tonight, a 23-store 32. tomorrow will be another beautiful day with lots of sunshine, and 40's to low 50's. we will look at extended forecast in a few minutes. that's the latest from calvert county. >> thank you. any problems out there? >> someone rolled over on the g.w. parkway southbound before sprouts run. equipment is blocking the right lane. clara barton parkway,, canal road has better action. on the beltway, stop and go outer loop new hampshire ave to georgia avenue. no accidents to the mormon temple. 270 delays out of georgetown. and accident insurance and near glebe road -- there was an accident in shirlington near
6:43 am
glebe road. a man made a daring escape from al qaeda. >> online retailers getting their heaviest traffic. that story ahead. >> mitt romney is paying for a bet that he made in front of
6:44 am
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welcome back. 6:35 is the time. the tens thousand dollars deal. >> mitt romney is eating his words after a bet that he made with rick perry. >> i read your first book and said that your mandate in massachusetts should be the model for the country.
6:46 am
>> you have raised that before rick, and you are still wrong. tens thousand dollars bet? >> what is next for him? "politico's" joe williams is joining us live. he came under flag because they said that is two months' salary for the average iowa family. >> the problem is mitt romney is the type of politician who could actually put $10,000 on the table. he is a rich man who is out of touch. that's the impression. >> this is that he really has the money to back that up.
6:47 am
>> the image of a businessman who made tons of money largely by helping corporations and by getting rid of jobs. it was an attempt at a light hearted humor that mitt romney does not do very well. it resulted in an image that will haunt him. >> 21 days until the first big contest. what can we expect? >> the gloves will be coming off. people trying to bring new gingrich backed down to earth. >> newt gingrich has secured its place as the front-runner. >> he has, . he did not mess up much in the debates and was able to keep his words in check. that shows maturity. >> thank you. the occupy wall street movement will target goldman
6:48 am
sachs today. they will do so by blockading several west coast ports. goldman is part owner of one of the world's biggest cargo handling companies. police arrested dozens of occupy san francisco protesters who returned to their old campsite. a man is in custody. more on that in a moment. an american teenager escaped from suspected al qaeda-linked militants in the philippines now set to be reunited with his family. the 14-, his mother, and a filipino cousin were taken in july. kevin escaped on friday after he told his captors that he was going to wash up in a stream. >> then he ran away in the woods two days and finally made it away. good for him. black friday has come and gone and today it's about going green. >> we are calling it a green
6:49 am
monday, one of the biggest shopping days of the year if as retailers try to make shipping deadlines. that also makes it a big day for anyone trying to deliver gifts. ben eisler is at the fedex facility in herndon. a busy day. >> one of the busiest weeks for the entire holiday season. u.s. online sales up 15% this holiday season to $24.6 billion. as the holidays approach for fedex they will have to pull off a christmas miracle to deliver all of these packages on time. the effort will involve 290,000 people 90,000 trucks, 68,000 airplanes, and all back to deliver 260 million packages and shipments between thanksgiving and christmas. fedex expects a record setting 17 million shipments today which is 10% greater than the busiest day last year.
6:50 am
it is also twice what the company moves on an average day. ben eisler reporting from herndon, abc 7 news. >> we have to get those christmas gifts shipped if you don't want to have to pay extra fees. at least the weather will be good for shipping. >> always looking for things to arrive this time of year. we are where we should be for this time of december. chesapeake beach, a beautiful sunrise shortly. 26 degrees currently. in fairfax, a beautiful started the day. gorgeous pictures. 24 degrees in fairfax at the moment. colder areas, 13 degrees in oakland, maryland. 15 in wood, west virginia and hancock, maryland. calm wind. the wind chill would be very
6:51 am
low if we had a breeze. the coldest time of day is just after sunrise. it's 30 degrees in germantown. temperatures across the region this time of year are on track to stay where we should be right now. clouds moving through virginia and the carolinas overnight. there is rainfall in florida and and georgia that will diminish. we are in good shape. the numbers will be climbing into the mid 40's this afternoon with sunshine. sunshine today seasonable temperatures expected to be in the mid 40's. another cold night tonight upper 20s low 30's. tomorrow sunshine near 50 degrees. adam caskey will have a seven- day forecast in a couple inexpert. back to you. >> thank you. we want to a check in with
6:52 am
lisa baden for the commute. >> southbound george washington parkway before scouts run. a vehicle ran over --" over. 95 in newington, there was an accident northbound at 7100 moved out of the way but extensive delays out of stanford to get to the marine base and out of dale city to newington. we will take a break. [ female
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announcer ] more people are using wireless devices... in more ways than ever. and our networks are getting crowded. but if congress frees up more wireless spectrum... we can empower more people to innovate... putting momentum behind our economy. and we can reduce the deficit... with more than thirty billion dollars paid by america's wireless companies. it's simple -- more spectrum means more eedom. for everyone.
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captioned by the national captioning institute if you're looking for holiday spirit, you don't have to look farther than the mormon temple in kensington. >> there's a live look at it, gorgeous. the church is in the middle of its annual festival of lights. the 34th year for the annual tree lighting celebration. it features more than 500,000 lights. 130 nativity scenes. 15 fully decorated christmas trees. live concerts every night. the lights will be live every night at dusk through the first of january. it is a beautiful sight. a great thing to do with the children. >> a beautiful. let's check in with lisa baden. hard to keep from looking at it when you are on the highway because it grabs your attention. >> traffic moving fine in kensington. we are happy this morning.
6:56 am
driving on the beltway near the morning temple looks good. not happy in burlington with an accident northbound 95 at 7100 moved into a safety zone. delays are expensive and out of dale city through woodbrige. walking in a winter wonderland as far as temperatures. cold outside 6 pin the twenties right now. it feels like winter, feels like mid december. feels like the holidays. the temperature is moving up through thursday. thursday will be the warmest day and there's a chance of showers on a thursday. not a washout, just some areas of rain. friday into the weekend, cooling down again. >> good morning america is next. >> for continuing local news ch
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